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iLuvLeeKiSeop [userpic]


March 9th, 2013 (08:56 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: Party all the time - U-KISS

Annyeong! ^^

I'm really happy right now coz finally U-KISS released their 3rs album called 'Collage'. I haven't seen the photos inside since my copy will arrive hopefully by April. Why on April? I have to wait for the U-KISS Days in Japan Vol 2 DVD which is to be released on March 27 so that the shipping will not be that too expensive. Anyway, the album is really worth the wait though my Kiseoppie doesn't have a solo or a duet song. Out of all the songs I love Track 3 숨도 못 쉬어Can't breathe A LOT ♥ Oh btw, my Kiseoppie Kuma added new piercings...idk but I just feel too happy coz he look sexier with all the piercings. hahaha. I guess I still haven't forget about my piercing fetish.haha. I dont mind if Kuma will add more piercings..hahah...as long as it's not tattoo. haha. Speaking of tattoo, hmm.....ok fine it depends if he'll not look like a hoodlum if he has tattoos. Kuma still won over Kiki...he still owns <3.

iLuvLeeKiSeop [userpic]


February 17th, 2013 (08:21 pm)

current mood: happy

Annyeong! ^^

It's been a month I think when I made an entry...too lazy to come up with a proper entry. haha ^^

Anyway, this month's a bit Good for me ^^ 1st week of Feb I was able to meet again my College Friends / 'Kulasa loves' and then followed by a get together with my High School friends/ 'Bene loves' to witnessed my best buddy's wedding (I'm so happy for her...finally she found the one for him ^^) and then last Thursday I got to see my football boy ~~ Patrick Reichelt ♥ watching UFL last Vday was really unplanned, it just so happened that the schedule game of Global FC's perfect for me to go out at nighttime ^^ and so there I watched the game with my sister/eonnie ^^ I was able to give Kiki my Vday present ^^ he didn't actually expect it and sooooo he was surprised and very happy ^^ He kept on saying Thank You when he got my present and he even remembered me and my eonnie ^^ Kiki was really in a good mood ^^ Thank god Global FC won ^^ I was able to take photos with him....yiiiii~~~ Kiki is just too cute..haha.....I think I almost forgot about Kuma the minute Kiki was standing in front of me..haha...his eyes were really too round but he's just toooooooooo cute.........to be honest, he's not really good-looking nor a pretty boy just like my type but what made me like him is that he's really good in football and he's really cute in his own way...he's very unique ♥ I think it was one of the best days that I will never forget..I'm so glad that I watched UFL last Vday...Kiki really brought a huge smile on my face...^____^ Now I've got 2 loves~~ my Korean Kuma KiSeop and my Fil-German football player Patrick (#29 Philippine Azkals/ #17 Global FC)

iLuvLeeKiSeop [userpic]

Saeng il chukka hamnida ~~~

January 16th, 2013 (10:02 pm)

Today is a very Special day for a very Special person who means a lot to me ^^ It's been 3 years (and counting) when he caught my attention and until now he never fails to make my ♥ go doki doki everytime I see him. Choosing him as my 'ultimate bias'/ 'my ichiban'/ 'Kuma love of my life' was worth it ^^

And now that it's his day, I wish him happiness and more success, not just an idol but as an individual. May he never get tired of posting his 'ulzzang selcas'online ^^

Saeng il chukka hamnida..Saeng il chukka hamnida..Saranghane Kiseoppie...SAENG IL CHUKKA HAMNIDA ~~~
Happy Birthday my Dear Lee Kiseop 이기섭♥ 사랑해


iLuvLeeKiSeop [userpic]


August 28th, 2010 (12:31 am)


iLuvLeeKiSeop [userpic]

(no subject)

August 3rd, 2010 (12:14 am)

I'M STRESSED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


iLuvLeeKiSeop [userpic]

Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby

June 21st, 2010 (12:54 am)
current mood: i want to see U-KISS again!

Im here for my last post regarding my experience during U-KISS' 1st Kiss Concert in Manila last week Monday - 06.14.10.

The 7 of them were divided into 2 groups. 1st group was the Abracadabra/Nobody But You group and the other one was the Gee group. KiBum,Soohyun and Eli made their own version of Brown Eyed Girls and Wonder Girls very famous songs in Kr. I laughed so hard when they started to dance coz KiBummie danced well that you can really see that he has S-Line. hahaha. I think he can dance well if it's a girl group song rather than their own song. Eli-ssi and Soohyun did a great job too. Even if they're not as girl move as KiBum, their waist and hips moved well too. They were trying to imitate the sexy dance moves of Brown Eyed Girls in their MV of Abracadabra. It was then followed by the Girls Generation group. Kevin, Xander, Dong Ho and KiSeop did their own version of Gee. They wore colorful pants and OMG Kevin tied his shirt to show off his slim body. He really imitated Jessica. He was so pretty, cute and funny at the same time. Maknae DongHo was so cute too coz he danced like a cutesy little girl. Btw, I really really love his silver headband. Xander was still boyish in dancing the routine and Seopie, oh my he's super duper cute. I really love him! hahaha. He was so hyper in dancing Gee and had lines in the song. Yaattaaa!!!! His voice was really nice and he wore yellow top and bright blue pants. At the end of the song, KiSeopie said Thank You and SSandeo said Bye Honeys! It was really funny coz he's like a girl talking to girlfriends.

KiSeop was not included in As Long AS You Love Me and Give it To Me routine. For a while, i was able to have a little break in screaming KiSeop's name. Instead I cheered for each member who's standing in front of me. 

It was also their first time to sing Without You from Only One album and Ok from ContiUKISS single. The dance steps for the songs were really cute and KiSeopie had his little solo dance and lines  in OK. They were cheering for him when he sang his solo in OK. I was really happy to know that finally they're giving him time to sing. During Without You, they were just having fun onstage with the backup dancers and Kiss Mes. DongHo was archering the fans and so as KiSeop,which I think is part of the song's dance routine.

And lastly they did cover Boyz II Men's End of the Road. Finally a ballad song from our boys. Each of them were given solo lines except for Xander. Im not sure why he didnt sing but when they performed it in KL during a showcase, Ssandeo did the talking part while theothers were singing. They gave out roses to the fans and it's a bit sad that I didnt get a rose from Seopie. My sister who likes Xander, got a rose from him and she also got a rose from KiBum. Technically the rose from KiBum wasn't his coz he just stole Seopie's bunch of flowers but anyway, since it wasn's Seopie who threw it away, it's definitely from KiBummie. My cousin wanted to have the rose from my sister since she loves KiBummie so much but I told my sister not to give it to her so that it will be fair for the both of us that we didnt get a rose from our fave member.

The concert ended at past 10PM and it's super worth it. They weren't able to fill the whole coliseum but they boys really rocked Manila and they made a very succesful 1st ever solo concert. I had so much fun and I think the 2 hrs concert wasnt enough. i want to see them again and I hope that they'll have another concert here in Manila!


I SUPER LOVE U-KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iLuvLeeKiSeop [userpic]

Sexy Back

June 18th, 2010 (01:53 am)
current mood: thinking of KiSeop

For the part 2 of my entry yesterday, here it goes:

So anyway, while waiting for the start of the concert everybody's screaming for no reason at all plus me and my cousin were both hyper and screaming for our own fave U-KISS member. Mine is KiSeop and hers is KiBum. My sister likes KiBum too but she's more of a Xander fan. At around 8PM the show started. There was an intermission number made by some Kiss Me pinays and to be honest their performance made me feel so sleepy. hahaha. They're not good dancers. LOL! Their number was followed by U-KISS! They showed some clip wherein Eli-ssi was the featured guy. When I saw the clip, I screamed at the top of my lungs coz he was sooooooo goodlooking in the clip. After that, the boys went out. OH MY GOD!!!! They were in black and of course the 1st member that I noticed was my KiSeop-ie. His hair was styled differently and his makeup was suuuuuper nice. Thanks to hairstylist noona for making my Seopie and the other boys look super great during their 1st ever concert.
Going back to the concert, they 1st performed Man Man Ha Ni. Kiss Mes went super crazy and there was no silent moment during the whole concert. Even if they weren't able to fill up the whole area, the screamings of all Kiss Mes were so powerful that definitely proved that their Filipino fans really love them. The songs they sang/performed were (not in order coz I cant remember the sequence):
Man Man Ha Ni, Bingeul Bingeul, I Like You, Talk to me, Not Young, Kevin's solo - Finally and Say goodbye, SooHyun's solo - Because of You and SooHyun with DongHo- Because of You and Soohyun - dance solo, KiBumEliKiSeop's solo - Stupid Cupid and Sexy Back, Xander's solo - Pump it and Bebot, Mworago, Give it to me, As Long as you Love me, SooHyunEliKiBum - Abracadabra and Nobody But You, KeviXanderDongHoKiSeop - Gee, End of the road, Without You, Ok!, Man Man Ha Ni/Bingeul Bingeul.

Seopie was finally part of Not Young, I like you and Talk to me dance routine. Yaaataaa! and it was my first time to see him dance the cute steps for Not Young. He was super cute. The whole time I was cheering for the whole group of course I cant avoid having biases but basically I tried to be fair to all.

Kevin was manly during his solo performance that fans got carried away when he had a dance partner who is a noona. He's a bit touchy to noona but his performance level was 200%.

During SooHyun's solo he was standing right infront of me so I cheered for him and guess what we had so many moments. LOL! It's not that I dont like him but he's not my bias. I only cheered for him because his voice was super nice and he was right here infront of me. I really believe now that he's the power vocal of the group because he gave justice to the songs Becauseof You by Keith Martin and Because of You by Ne-Yo. His Korean accent was gone and he's a great performer. I got to receive so many waves, smile and wink from him during his performance. LOL! DongHo rapped during the because of You song of Ne-yo in English. I wasn't able to hear all the words that he said but he was soo cute. I live the tiara and the makeup. He went down the stairs in our side and I had the chance to held his hand. He was soo cute and nice that he was smiling when I was holding his hand. I didnt want to let go but of course he was in a hurry coz he had to change for the next song.

My most fave part was the solo performance of KiBummie, Eli-ssi and Seopie. They came out wearing cute costumes. KiBummie - chicken, Eli - duck and Seopie - a dog or a hamster (accdg to other Kiss Mes). They did nothing onstage while the song Stupid Cupid was playing. They kept on walking around the stage and making lots of cute actions. They were super cute especially my Seopie. There's this part wherein he and KiBum played rockpaper scissor and Seopie lost so he had to receive a punishment. Then Seopie pulled on Eli's tail and as a revenge Eli pulled on Seopie's green stufftoy like think hanging on his neck. They were so cute doing all the stupid stuffs. I remeber my sister called it as a cute stupid performance because they just showcased their being eyecandies
. LOL! When they returned onstage,there's a huge change of mood. During Stupid Cupid, they acted as cute boys but for the next song, which is Sexy Back, they were so manly and so damn sexy. They made the concert area super hot because of their own version of the song. They had 2 noonas dancing with them and the boys were touchy on the noonas. Fans, including me, went super mad coz of the whole touching and grinding thing. But before their performance ended, KiBum pulled out the tie on his vest and showed off his body(oh my abs! but he was super skinny which doesn't look pleasant to my eyes) Seopie followed him by opening his sleeveless polo. He pulled the buttons and right there onstage, we all saw how super nice Seopie's body was (I think I felt so hyperventilated at that time coz Im seeing my Seopie dear's abs+his chest+his nice arms). With Eli, he pulled out his top but he failed in showing off his body. BOO! hahaha. At the end of their performance, KiBum asked the fans if it was hot. I failed to answer at that time but now if you're going to ask me if it was hot, it DEFINITELY was a hot performance. Im not pervy like my cousin Kat but I really enjoyed it coz of Seopie, I guess. He used to be a shyboy but during the performance, he was soo confident with himself which is a good thing. =) He's really improving and becoming more used to being an idol.

Ssandeo's performance rocked Araneta Coliseum. He performed BEP's 2 songs, Pump It and Bebot. Everybody was dancing and screaming duirng his performance but what made it more interesting was when he shared a fact regarding his ancestor/great grandfather. He doesnt have Filipino blood but his great grandfather went here in the Philippines then left to travel again to another country. If we are to check on Philippine History, Xander's surname is still existing in the country because it came from the Spaniards who converted most of the people of the Philippines to Christianity. they gave them names an surnames so that they can easily monitor all the people. Im just annoyed with those people who didnt understand what Xander said. What's wrong with them they can't comprehend well. Back to his performance, the coliseum went more energetic when he sand Bebot with Eli. I was cheering, singing and jumping during that song. During that moment, I was so proud to be Filipino and was so happy that they chose the Philippines to have their 1st ever solo concert. hahahha. He did a great performance and I think if only Uncle A was there, he would've been so proud of his son =)

**Super sleepy now, i'll continue again later for part3**

iLuvLeeKiSeop [userpic]

OK it's OK

June 17th, 2010 (02:17 am)

current mood: sleepy
current song: Not Young - U-KISS

Last June 14 was the 1st ever solo concert of U-KISS not in Korea but in Manila, Philippines. It's a very huge honor for all Filipino Kiss Mes to have this kind of concert experience.  But before the concert experience, I want to share some stuffs few days and a day before the concert.

The concert was supposed to be last May 29 but due to unidentified reasons, it was moved to June 14. Lots of Kiss Mes were disappointed and pissed off with the organizers since some of them came from the province. At that time I was so disappointed too because I was already prepared for the concert then suddenly few days before the said date it was postponed. So anyway, few days before June 14, I think last June 11, an info from UKISS Korea's twitter came out saying that the concert might be postponed again. Kiss Me pinays went all mad but thanks to Xander, he tweeted and confirmed that there's no more chance of postponing again the concert. He gave out some info regarding their flight going to the Philippines and that he's really excited to go back.  When I saw Xander's tweet, my worries and disappointment went away because finally the concert will take place. 

June 13, U-KISS arrived in Manila at Terminal 2 via PAL at around 11:30-12 PM. They went straight to Party Pilipinas for their 2nd TV guesting in that show. The studio was filled with Pinay Kiss Mes and everybody were cheering for U-KISS even if they were not yet there in the studio. At around 2:45PM, they showed up  in the program and performed 2 songs - Man Man Ha Ni at Bingeul Bingeul. While watching their performance I was screaming like a lunatic here at home since I was home alone at that time. I was really freaking out because Im seeing again KiSeopie in my local channel. They were all in white outfit, different from the outfit they wore for Bingeul Bingeul MV and they all have their new hairstyle. Even if I saw Seopie's pics with his hair dyed in blonde, I was still excited to see how he look during that day.  After that, they'll gonna be in Showbiz Central, a local entertainment program and they'll gonna talk about the concert and the steps for Bingeul Bingeul. Kiss MePinay were all in the studio of SC and of course, they never failed to cheer for U-KISS. When the boys came out, Kiss Mes all went crazy.  They stayed for like 7 minutes in that show then left afterwards because of their fanmeeting at Shangri-La Hotel in Edsal. Btw, during their stay here for their 2nd visit, they stayed at that Hotel . According to some fans who went to the fanmeeting, the interview thingie lasted only for 30 minutes because the boys were all tired. Well, Xander didn't sleep, Eli and DongHo  look harrassed and the others lost weight..so definitely they were really tired not because of the flight going to Manila but because of their heavy sched. During the fanmeeting, Kiss Mes sang a Birthday song for the cutest Maknae DongHo coz it's b-day this month and there were so many KeMaru moments. I wonder what's the reaction of Xander since he's having the AlVin couple thing too with Kevin. Im not there at the fanmeeting but thanks to the people whom I eavesdropped with, I found some info. Someone stalked the boys at the hotel and they even posted videos of them during their private time. U-KISS boys went swimming and these fans took a video of them. It's good to be updated on everything that they did while they were here in the country but taking a video while the're having fun swimming at the pool is not really ok. My sister said that the boys left the pool past2 and based from some info that I got, they had their rehearsal at Araneta after they went swimming. Since it's early AM, there will be no stalkers at the coliseum and there's no traffic. I made a conclusion that because of their late rehearsal, they weren't able to attend a supposed to be another TV show guesting lunchtime of June14. 

So going back to June 14, my sister, my cousin and I decided to go along with my brother and his gf so that we wont have to spend anymore in our fare. I woke up early at 7, took good care of my pets, took a bath and then left the house at 10AM. We went to 3 different malls - Glorietta, Greenbelt and Rockwell. I was able to check on the David&Goliath store plus the Anthem store which has Paul Frank shirts and hoodiies. We also checked on Fully Booked and Powerbooks just to kill time while waiting for my brother and his gf. After the last mall, which is Rockwell, we went straight to Araneta Coliseum and then  stayed their for how many hours just to fall in line for our Standing VIP Ticket. I really didnt want the VIP Ticket with seats coz I believe that watching a concert while standing is more fun than watching a concert while seating. While waiting we had Starbucks coffee to keep us awake and refresh us coz the weather was so humid. As the clock moves, my heart started to beat fast coz I'm already worried that what if I didnt get the best place inside the concert area and so on and so forth. At around past5, rain started to pour. Past 6PM they made us enter the coliseum and allwere excited to see again U-KISS. It's actually my 3rd time to see them live co I was present during their mallshow at Megamall and North Edsa. Me and my cousin met few people and talked to them but not be friend them. They were nice and the good thing is that, they're not fans of my Seopie. LOL!

**i'll continue myentry probably later. im already sleepy**LOL!

iLuvLeeKiSeop [userpic]


April 1st, 2010 (02:17 am)

current mood: crazy

Ciaossu again!

I just uploaded new stuffs in my profile page here in lj.

I'm still not yet done saving pics from the 3 day mall shows of U-KISS here in the Philippines.

Btw, Happy April Fools Day! Be careful with the pranskters!

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September 5th, 2009 (09:34 am)


Yesterday AM, one of my pet chibi neko died. I'm not sure if he/she is a boy/girl since the mother neko just gave birth few months ago. Last week, chibi neko named 'Little' was super active that I played with him/her. I tickled Little making him/her fall asleep but yesterday was one sad news for me. I used to not love nekos but because of the chibis and adult nekos, I learned to love them.


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(no subject)

August 30th, 2009 (10:12 am)

current mood: awake
current song: Heartbreaker - G-Dragon


There's still no video update from T-MAX cool concert last August 28 =( I only saw few pics but I think that's not enough coz there's no full details of the show =( I hope that someone will upload a fancam video of them in YT.

Anyway, I just watched lots of Big Bang videos and I laughed hard. they're having bromance. OMG!!!!! 

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(no subject)

July 31st, 2009 (09:35 am)

current mood: happy



Seung il chukka hamnida, seung il chukka hamnida. Saranghane dear umma, seung il chukka hanmida.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Mommy, happy birthday to you.


iLuvLeeKiSeop [userpic]


June 4th, 2009 (09:23 am)

current mood: creative
current song: Lion Heart (Winter Romance Ver.) - 티맥스T-MAX

i was tagged by marszz

Rules:  write ten things you want to do before you get old.  It may be something childish or something else, as long as it's possible to do.  After that, tag 5 of your friends to do the same and have them post it on their journals.

> visit Japan particularly Kyoto
> visit Montreal Quebec and South Korea
> eat at Okura's yakitori resto and meet Maruyama family
> buy cute weird looking stuffs (t-shirts, plush dolls and bags)
> drink lots of blended coffee (white mocha frapp and white chocolate dream)
> shopping spree in Hong Kong and Singapore
> buy shirts and bags from David&Goliath, Emily Strange, Ugly Dolls. Paul Frank
> hug a polar bear
> watch Kanjani8, T-MAX, Simple Plan concert and have a conversation with them
> visit US and have a family reunion

i'm tagging: je12_vz09  ladyvamp1708 cinnamonstarr saraufc a_mariemaruyama

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(no subject)

June 2nd, 2009 (08:36 am)

current mood: blank
current song: 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Ballad Ver.) - 티맥스T-MAX


I'm done reading the con reports on Kanjani8's puzzle tour show in Tokyo. I had a great time reading all the enties and it made me want to see their show live. I'm praying so hard that they'll release a concert dvd this year.  I wanna see how extremely hyper Maru-chan was. =/

Aside from that, im done downloading too the live performances of T-MAX on youtube and I'm still searching for more pictures of Yun Hwa, the adorable petboy of the group. LOL! =) I used to not appreciate him when I first saw their performance of Lion Heart but thanks to that performance of them on Mnet when they sang 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (클럽버젼), it made me like Yun Hwa. =) The whole day I was listening to T-MAX's songs and my fave songs are 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (클럽버젼 & Ballad vers) and Blooming. Yun Hwa's voice mixes well with Min Chul and Hyung Joon's voice. They maybe huge fans of Japanese groups eventhough they're Koreans  but they've got their own style . I hope that they'll receive more love from people 'coz they are really talented musicians. =)

Btw, it's raining again....BOOOOOO!!!!!!


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(no subject)

May 28th, 2009 (10:18 am)

current mood: giggly
current song: 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (클럽버젼) - T-Max


I'm currently watching the youtube videos of T-Max. They're a korean boy group composed of 3 members and one of them acted as Woo Bin in the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers. I'm trying to look for more pictures of Park Yun Hwa since he's my fave member of the group but I'm having a hard time. I really like him because of his voice, his smile and his eyes. Oh and I like the way he dress up, it's really nice.=)

So anyway, I just watched Kanjani's guesting on KinKi Kids show last Oct. 2008, I know it's an old video but I laughed hard and enjoyed watching it. Their answers to the questions were really funny. Maru-chan was on his baka mode again and tried to invent something to make his story more interesting. In the end they didn't believe maru-chan but he admitted that he lied about the beard,  with the carbs thing, he said  it was for real. They can't believe that Maru-chan's parents are both body builders and they always ask him to have a round and beautiful biceps/arms..poor maru-chan! =( Subaru was funny too and I really can't believe that when he was young he did lots of afterschool activities. He was super funny with the light question and he also said that sunlight is important for the body.

Today' is myhigh school  friend's b-day! Omedetto Otanjoubi Rhe! =) she's already 25 yo and she's my friend for almost 12 years now =)

I'm goin now! Bye-bye! =)


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